About This Video

Nine years ago I was fed up and frustrated. I was fed up with Hollywood and how they continually present inaccurate portrayals of people with albinism on TV shows and in movies. I was frustrated by my inability to do anything about it. I couldn't fix it.  And nobody outside of the albinism community seemed to understand what a big deal it was. I couldn't convey the significance and the impact these stereotypes have on the lives of people with albinism. 

So on a whim, and with determination to just do something, I began emailing my friends, other parents of children with albinism that I'd met through NOAH. I told them I was making an "albinism awareness/activism type slide show" and asked them to send me pictures of their children.  When I completed the video, it included around 15 different children, but over the past 4 years, as parents have sent me pictures to include, it has grown, and now includes over 40 different children with albinism.  

Some people argue that the treatment of albinism in movies and on TV is no different than any other condition or disability, but that's not true. Yes, there are movies that inaccurately portray other conditions/disabilities, but for every inaccurate portrayal, you can find a movie with an ACCURATE portrayal of that same condition/disability. That's not the case with albinism. With the exception of the movie The Albino Code, written and directed by NOAH member Dennis Hurley, there are no movies out there that present an accurate portrayal of a person with albinism. This has been the largest contributing factor to society's overall lack of understanding of albinism and false perception of "albinos." The characters with albinism people have seen in movies have ALL been negative; evil, scary, freakish, mentally challenged…the list goes on. 

The depictions of individuals with albinism on television shows and in movies are inaccurate and hurtful. This video shows what albinism is truly about and hopefully will be a reminder to everyone that perception is NOT reality.


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